The winners of Inissia ... your love story

I do not wait for you more than I know that some are already biting their nails! As you can see in the picture we have put below, last Sunday the jury met to vote and choose the winners of Inissia ... your love story. First of all, I want to thank you all for your collaboration in themicro stories section (There are really original ones and some with more temperature than a boiling coffee). We had a great time reading each one of them. Also thank you all for the photographs and videos I see that love ... and coffee have sharpened your ingenuity and creativity. You are the best.

Gathered around an Inissia and taking advantage of the fact that we finally had a visit in our little house, we took for the occasion some pancakes filled with cream, some ensaimadas and some strudel to conquer the gastronomic bloggers more “rich in the planet”.Alfonso Lopez (Recipe of Rechupete), Carlos Noceda (Let's see what we cook today), Iñigo Aguirre (Umami Madrid)and a servant, we enjoy the benefits of coffee and candy. I leave document of the moment ... (I know that Rechu I wanted some pancake more ...)

After a very close vote, pointing every story, photo and video that we liked the most and after a few laps to reach a consensus that was not easy, we decided that the list of winners was this. Let's go there:

Micro story:


The first Nespresso inissia… is for Raquel, who wrote his micro-story on January 28 and that we have informally titled Let's get coffee". The jury highlighted the rhythm, the originality, the thread of the story and the mix of elements related to coffee:

I recommend you read again all stories on this page. There are really good ones.


The second machine Nespresso inissia... takes it Francisco Bourbón (@franborbon) for this story of love, coffee and Star Wars that we found very currada. He posted it on Twitter on February 8:

In Wars and in love everything is worth #nespressovc #nespressomoments #nesspresoart


Here the jury was very divided. We would have liked to see more aspiring Clooney but we have stayed with a very special one. Ana uploaded her recording to Instagram. For her it is the third Nespresso inissia For this brief story of love, coffee and kisses:

It was really torture to choose the best because we laughed a lot with the videos and we have enjoyed every story you have written to us. Next year, we will have to punch to Nespresso so that you consider how great you are. Congratulations to all for participating. A big kiss

IMPORTANT: Winners must contact us through [email protected]. Do not forget to write your full address in the mail so that Inissia de Nespresso will arrive as soon as possible.

Video: Nespresso Talents 2019 - Mario (April 2020).