10 minutes

Halloween bats

Anda we did not laugh anything a few days ago Carlos Noceda and I with a conversation of the most surreal, hahahaha. The fact is that I wore a headband for Halloween and I was telling him that I had a better one at home and as I was already very thick after so much Peruvian Pisco, I said:

- "Yes man, what are the names of those little birds that fly at night, that always come out in Halloween ornaments ... those are the ones I have on the other headband"
- "You will say those disgusting rodents ..."
-That, those little birds ... because they fly !!!!, jijijijijijijijijiji ... are cute!
- “Ehhhhh, but they are disgusting Rosa !!!

I kept laughing. Go to call them "little birds" ... but at that time I did not leave the name even by now ...


Ingredients for 7 bats:
300 g of Philadelphia cheese (1 container, gluten free)
50 g of almonds to batter them
1 bag of "Doritos" or homemade corn triangles
Chocolate eye pearls

1.- Help yourself with a spoon to make the 7 balls with Philadelphia cheese. Go taking cheese and with your hands go forming the balls and placing them on a plate ... yes, you will stain your hands, you will pretend a little: D
2.- Put in a deep dish the almonds and go batting the balls. Pass them to the source where you are going to serve them.
3.- Add the ears, take the corn triangles and stick them in the cheese ball.
4.- Finally, place the chocolate pearls to make the eyes. Ready

Note: Serve with bowls next to corn triangles, so you can eat them with the cheese: D.
If you want to make them for another day, leave only the cheese balls made, do not put the ornaments because they will soften and you will take a good dislike.

Special diets *: Celiacs can make this recipe by cooking doritos at home since the purchased ones contain gluten. Suitable for Ovo-dairy vegetarians.

Original recipe source: "Recipes only"

Video: DIY 3D Halloween Bats! (April 2020).