Poached eggs in the Scandinavian

Poached eggs to the Scandinavian?This recipe, in addition to that of the title, has two unknowns for me.

The first is, where did I get it? It's been with me since the night of time. It is one of those recipes that I wrote in a hurry and running on a little sheet of paper and that at home I like to prepare it because it is very easy and is mounted on a periquete.

The second of the unknowns is But why is the Scandinavian called if she has curry? I don't like anything at all, but I wrote it that way in his day and I left it that way.


It is a light recipe that can quietly become part of the diet recipe book and also… I hope it catches the attention of spring and my dear sun peeks out to look at it because I am already missing it so much.

Poached eggs in the Scandinavian
Ingredients for 6 people
6 eggs
6 lettuce leaves
100 gr of peeled prawns (or some more that admits them perfectly)
1 Greek yogurt
½ lemon juice
1 teaspoon curry
Freshly ground pepper
1 boat of fish roe (optional)


  1. Assemble the poached eggs: In the beaker, put a sheet of cooking film and spread with oil. Open the egg on top and close as if it were a package with a tight knot. You can see this step perfectly explained by Rosa here.
  2. Put a liter of water in the glass and program varoma temperature, speed 1, until it starts to boil (approximately 7 minutes).
  3. Place the eggs in the deep bowl of the varoma and the prawns in the flat, salt and pepper and sprinkle with extra virgin olive oil, place the lid and set aside.
  4. When it reaches the temperature, place the varoma on the mouthpiece and cook 8 minutes at the same temperature and speed. Reserve covered while assembling the salad and preparing the sauce.
  5. Beat the yogurt with the lemon juice, curry, salt and pepper.
  6. Arrange the lettuce leaves chopped on the plates, place 1 egg on each leaf previously removing the plastic from the cooking. Garnish with prawns and fish roe if you take them and dress with curry and yogurt sauce.


If you like the last eggs and prawns you can put one more minute, that will always go to everyone's taste but be careful because if they spend too much you will not have the creamy yolk and it will become a “cooked” egg.

As at home they are not too "faithful" to the roe, I usually set them apart so that they do not throw those looks of "Blissful little eggs to see how I do to separate them without noticing ”.

To do without TMX: Cook the eggs already packed in boiling water for 4 minutes and reserve out of the water so they do not continue cooking. Cook or sauté the peeled prawns and set aside.

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