Vanilla Cake with Frosting


After a century without stopping by, I have decided to resume my "community" work and occasionally contribute a recipe to the collection After the boom that has generated in the Facebook group "Cooking with Thermomix" the recipe of Lemon Cake which Rosa has recently published in Spoon Speed, my husband (who is not very lemon) told me: "The cake is delicious, but ... you could not do this to me but with vanilla flavor that is my weakness?"... And said and done, the recipe I present is my "vanilla" version of the Lemon Cake. I hope you like it, it won't be the last time I prepare it.

For the cake:
4 eggs
100 grams of sugar
200 g flour
1 envelope of yeast or 2 double envelopes of gasifiers
1 sachet of custard
150gr of milk
120 g sunflower oil (or mild olive oil, eg arbequina)


For the Vanilla Glaze:
200 gr of glass sugar
40 gr of Vanilla Smoothie

To make the cake
1.- Taking advantage of the machine is dry we introduce 200gr. of sugar that we will use for the glaze and we spray for a few seconds at maximum speed. We withdraw and reserve until the end.
2.- We place the butterfly on the blades. We throw the eggs and the sugar (no glass) and we program 4 minutes, 37º, speed 3 1/2. After this time we reschedule others 3 minutes without temperature at the same speed (If the glass is still hot you can pass an ice cube on the outside to cool it).
3.- Add the oil and milk and mix some 10 seconds at speed 3.
4.- Important: We remove the butterfly.
5.- We throw the flour, the custard prepared envelope and the yeast. We mix 5 seconds at progressive speed 5-10. We lowered mixture of the walls and we repeat the operation.
6.- We pour the mixture into a previously greased mold and we put in the oven preheated to 170º for about 30-40 minutes (until when you click with a stick it comes out clean).

Note: I preheat the oven for about 5 minutes at 200º and then lower it at 170º to make the cake. In my case: heat up and down and baking tray at the height immediately above the floor of the oven.

To Make Glaze:
7.- Put the glass sugar and vanilla milkshake in the glass and mix 10 seconds, speed 3 (It should be a creamy mixture, if it is too thick, add a few drops beaten, until you get the desired texture to cover the cake). Lower the ingredients towards the bottom of the glass with the spatula and mix again 10 seconds, speed 5.

8.- When the cake is baked, remove from the oven and let it warm. Unmold and pour the glaze on top. If the glaze has been prepared for a long time, remove it with some hand rods so that it is creamy before spreading it on the cake. Decorate to taste and enjoy it!

This recipe is very good to take advantage of those milkshakes that our children leave.

If anyone wants to make the version for coeliacs, they can do so by replacing the 200 gr of wheat flour with 130 gr of rice flour + 70 gr cornstarch and verifying that all the ingredients are gluten-free: yeast, vanilla milkshake and prepared sachets Custard brand Hacendado (Mercadona) are gluten free.

Video: Easy Vanilla Cake with Vanilla Buttercream Frosting Butter Cake (April 2020).