60 minutes

Cream Tart

I did not want to start this week with a cake after the mogollón that we have these holidays, but of course ... then when I put my birthday cake ?.

(I'm sorry Juanfra, I know I promised you a cleansing recipe.; D) Also after the snowfall that has just fallen tonight and yesterday, it is even pretty and very consistent, hehehe.

The first cake with cream I made -because I made two-, we ate it the same day of the birthday, on January 3, and this one that you see in the photo is the one that I took this Saturday to the guard, but it is the same than the one I prepared for "my day."
The recipe, as always, is the simplest: a Genoese cake, a syrup to get the cake drunk and 1 kilo of whipped cream.
The candles, Javi put them ... and to blow for 36th time.
Turn off the light I'm ready to blow again: "fffffffssssssssssssssssssssssssssss".
Applause ... plaf, plaffff, plafffffffff


A Genoese sponge cake:
120 sugar
4 eggs
120gr of flour
1 pinch of salt
To get the cake drunk:
100gr of water
100gr sugar
50gr of the liquor you like best (I put Ron Brugal)
To fill and decorate:
1 kilo of whipping cream with more than 35% fat (very cold)
120 gr of glass sugar
You will also need:
A 17-18cm mold so that the cake is taller (for 8 portions)
A pastry bag with nozzle to give the form to the cream

1.- Put the sugar of the cream that are 120gr in the glass very dry and pulverize programming 30 seconds in speed 5-10, if you want it finer program 30 seconds more. Reservation
2.- The Genoese sponge cake: Without washing the glass, put the butterfly and add the 120gr of sugar and the 4 eggs. Program 6 minutes, 37º, speed 3 and a half. When the time is up, reschedule another 6 minutes at speed 3 and a half but no temperature.
3.- Add flour and salt to the above and mix 4 seconds at speed 3. Finish wrapping with the spatula and pour the mixture into a greased cake pan. Bake in preheated oven at 180º with heat up and down for 25-30 minutes or until ready.
4.- The syrup: with the clean glass, pour all the syrup ingredients and program 6 minutes, 100º, speed 2. Reserve and let cool.
5.- Cream: it must be very cold from the fridge, pour it into the clean glass and can also be cold (leave it in the fridge for a while), program speed 5 without programming time and wait until mount. Once ready add the glass sugar that we had reserved and integrate it with the help of a spatula. Enter the cream into the pastry bag.

  1. Open the Genoese cake in half, reserve one of the halves and get drunk what will be the base of the cake, with half the syrup.
  2. Put part of the cream on top to fill it.
  3. Put the other half of the cake on the cream and make it drunk with the rest of the syrup.
  4. Decorate the sides and the top with the rest of the cream.

You already have your cake. Enjoy it.

Video: Cream Tart (April 2020).