120 minutes

Sauce or dips for nachos, 'Cielito lindo'

Recipe of Erika Pérez Rolo
“I write from Tenerife. I am married and with a beautiful baby of 15 months. I tried this recipe exactly this summer, 2 years. After my aunt's summer trip to Puerto Rico, to visit his political family, and to know the island of course. She, in a family reunion tried this Dip -salsa-, or whatever you want to call it and of course, he liked it so much that he asked for the recipe and in what he had a good excuse, because he made it and fantastic discovery.

The whole family liked it very much and now it is not lacking in all the meetings. I hope you like it. Don't stop trying it. ”

Sauce or dips for nachos, 'Cielito lindo'
8 min
120 min
Total time:
2 h 8 min
Author: Rosa Ardá
Type of recipe: Sauces, Starters
Mexican Kitchen
Servings: 8
  • 1 large or 2 medium tomatoes
  • 1 medium onion
  • 1 piece of Edam cheese
  • 500 gr of Philadelphia cheese
  • 1 jar of Mexican Dip sauce (can be strong or mild spicy according to taste) I use the Casa Fiesta brand
  • 1 package of Nachos Casa Fiesta or the ones you like best. Best natural
Steps to follow
  1. Prepare the ingredients: Chop the diced tomato and onion Very small, mix and reserve.
  2. Soften the Philadelphia cheese with a spoon, to make it more manageable.
  3. Grate the Edam cheese, on the thickest part of the grater and set aside.
  4. Mounting: In a elongated container, Pirex type: place the first layer of Philadelphia cheese, extend it so that the surface is uniform. Place the second layer of tomato and onion We had cut. The third layer will be the Mexican Dip sauce. End with a generous layer of grated cheese.
  5. Cool in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours before consuming it, so that it takes consistency. Remove from the refrigerator for a while before consuming and serve accompanied by the nachos.
I recommend that the Mexican sauce be spicy, the truth is that it is very good. But in the market there are some without spicy for the whole family to try.
We always accompany it with nachos, but we also eat it with bread or directly to accompany some meat. Come on to spread, with whatever.