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The return to earth #SaboresdeOurense

Going back to childhood and remembering such a happy stage of life is wonderful. Today I want to share what we have lived recently in Tapas & Blogs. We move to Galicia, surely for some it was an unforgettable trip where they met products of the land but also for me, it was like reliving things that were in my head. Indelible memories and special places and flavors.

You have to enjoy the road! They say.Pack your bag, take the car and put the radio at full volume until you reach the Padornelo, from there you start your descent, enjoy an unforgettable trip, without hurry, full of places to discover and food to try.

Have you ever been to Galicia?. I'm sure that Santiago de Compostela sounds to you, Pontevedra too, Vigo ... but maybe Orense and Lugo are more unknown, so if you want, today I guide you through the #saboresdeourense


We are in Pray, city of Miño, of water and gold. There are hot springs, pools, fountains and swimming pools everywhere, places to improve your rheumatism, arthritis, skin conditions, only with the water that oozes even from the stones: D
Memory The Burgas, that inexhaustible source of thermal water at more than 60 ° C, - yes, burning hot - and that has not stopped a second of pouring water, - I have photos of when I was a child in a drawer in my parents' house. Now just behind this spring, they have made an outdoor pool, where you can bathe in any season of the year for 3 euros. The water in the pool is warmer, the temperature reaches 37-38ºC. So if you think this may be the beginning of our walk.

If we follow the riverbank we find more natural hot springs. There are the knownTo chavasqueira and the Outariz Hot Springs just a few minutes from the city, -I leave you the links so you can enjoy the views-: D. The best time to go to the hot springs is in autumn, winter and spring. You can also go in summer, but the thermal sensation is different. Those hot water baths alternating with cold water put everything in its place ... don't be scared, the cold water is between 10º and 20º, and it returns you to an ideal state of temperature. Thermal shock is necessary to avoid voltage dips :)

To gain strength after the walk and the baths there is nothing more authentic than taking our typical chestnuts. The Glacé de Cuevas® Brown It is famous everywhere, I recommend it 100% and we can also enjoy it at all times of the year. In order to send chestnuts to our emigrants who crossed the talk, caves He made a product processing to prevent them - so perishable - they spoil. The Brown Glacé. Today the chestnut is still working in an artisanal way, each chestnut is cleaned by hand, one by one, there are no machines that replace the fingers and the care of each worker, it is wonderful to take one and a small luxury. Try it and tell me.

We have already ingested something, but at least I feel like a wine. Orense has a frantic pace at night, is full of bars and the most central streets of the city are full, stroll through To praza do Ferro and enters the “Bar Orellas”with his pig ears as a typical cap, or in"O Lume" where you can take boletus dumplings, in "Fontefria" with its anchovy toast, or in “Monterrey”, in “Atarazana”All the streets near the cathedral of Ourense, such as Calle Hornos, Lepanto, or Paz, are full, so take advantage and try the pork "Celtic", our basics such as empanada, delicious autumn mushrooms, octopus we will try later.

If you want to try a different, careful, organic and biodynamic wine, you have to get a glass of"A pita blind". Vineyards protected by nature, without pesticides or chemicals, only plants, flowers and animals that care for those vines, giving flavor to the soil, forming natural corridors around the grapes, The Biodiversity. Dare with our Ribeiros with designation of origin, eye that some rise a lot ... (the Extraworldof Pazo Tizón or the Acinus from my almost cousin Alfredo). And to end the night Orensana nothing better than going to the trendy place, the"Skylight"- next to the Cathedral of San Martiño- It's late and it's time to have some gin and tonics before going to bed. : D

Of course the octopus It is better prepared inland than on the coast. Have you never heard?, It is true. The “From sea port” we are going to take it to Orense, usually to O Carballino, but in this Tapas & Blogs it was Flavio Morganti who prepared it for us in an absolutely new way. The plate is called“Octopus Ouriensis” -I don't need to tell you why- the chef prepares it differently, using instead of water, a combination with the wines of the 4 designations of origin: Ribeiro, Monterrey, Valdeorras and Ribeira Sacra. The result is an octopus with more flavor and a purple color that bathes with a good Galician oil. For me this was the biggest novelty, I didn't know "April" nor its golden and precious version to accompany this special octopus, golden olive oil "Aouris" A gourmet product that will soon be everywhere. Here you have the recipe for this Octopus Ouriensis of Flavio.

Do not forget to take all your meals accompanied by Cea bread which I will tell you about later and that has an exceptional flavor. It is undoubtedly the bread that all Ourensans eat or should eat and if you have a chance, go to dinner at “To Tavern”, the restaurant of Javier Outomuro where they cook beautifully and where we taste the great wine of Bernardo Estevez.Issué.

And do not think that the thing stays there because there is much to discover as the Toasted Costeira That is an amazing sweet ribeiro. With a drying of the grapes that give it that special color and that although it is a recipe recovered with an industrial touch -by accelerating the drying process-, it is very rich. The original is much denser and darker, the grape hangs on the faults of the houses so that they are left raisins, so to make a bottle of this toast you need a huge amount of clusters: D

Another day I talk about Herminia and of Ribadavia... because they are not wasted either and deserve a separate post.

Thanks to all travel companions:
To Alfonso López from “Rechupete Recipes” for organizing everything and being so proud of their land, Belén Otero de “Cook for 2” Galician like us, to Berta Castro from “The taste of candy” a candy, to Carmelo Prieto de “The amateur kitchen” a solete, to Carmen Albo “Stewing my life” a great discovery, to Javier Varela “The orange marketing” a pontevedrés de pro, to José Luis Oliveira “As small viaxes (and some Gastronomy)” lovely, to Juan Carlos Alonso de "Gastronomy in verse" I loved meeting you, Laura Eiriz from “The mosque kitchen” another wonderful diamond, toLúa Monastery blogger in Guiarepsol who is already a friend, Luis Rodríguez de Depth of field, to Maria Fernández Tesouro from "Maria Tesouro" that arrived at the last minute but on time, to my dear Marta Miranda of “Delicious Miranda”, to Marta Valcarce from “Travi in ​​the Kitchen”, to Mikel Iturriaga our "The Comidista" great, to Paco Becerro “Lazy blog” passionate about meats,Pepa Cooks, kisses to both, Rubén Amorín of "Neither kills nor fattens", an exceptional guy, to Victor and Ana the most generous gluten-free with their blog “Walking without gluten” and Victor White of "O Bandullo". I had a great time: D

And thanks to Ourense Tourism, to its people and to Carris hotel for treating us with such closeness.