The POP kitchen of El Comidista

TO Mikel Iturriaga it happens like Steve Jobs, over time everything makes sense and connects. Now his past as a music critic and his taste for cinema are mixed with the passion for cooking. I would love to spy on Mikel at home through the peephole. Watch him cook while in the background you hear songs from the seriesMad men (cutting the onion pieces exactly the same at the rate of Chubby Checker) or the inexhaustible and ChristmasGrease(<>). XD

Music, TV, cinema ... and much comidista humor mixed to Turbo speed with a selection of simple recipes for everyone. It doesn't matter if your thing with the kitchen is an impossible relationship (what is said a negao). The laughs start in the prologue (What he says about him Y What they also say about him) and do not end until you read the selection of the best comments from Alo Comidista, the most irreverent gastronomic office of the gastronomic network and that I do not transcribe by modesty. Ah! Mikel has discovered that we like photos almost as much as his recipes. In addition to the magnificent illustrations of Dani Jiménez, we can already see a few images of their recipes that bear the signature ofAinhoa ​​Gomà.

I have gone straight to me"Music cupboard" to start reading it and taste it. Who we are old -like your food- and we like to save"Antiques"In addition to an iPod, we still listen to music in those round, flat, scratched, dusty plastics ... At home, we have a few. How good it looks on a LP the naked torso of the disc Desire Carnal of Alaska and Dinarama! Shouting all over the house, singing <> I started cooking some Ribs with milk and honey.


Mikel Iturriaga presents his book “The pop kitchen of El Comidista” in Madrid, this Wednesday, the 28th at the Fnac Forum in Callao, in the heart of the capital at 7 pm.

“The pop kitchen of El Comidista” (November 2012)
Author: Mikel López Iturriaga
Thematic: Recipes, Gastronomy
Blog: //
Editorial: Plaza & Janés
ISBN: 978-84-01-34653-8
Price: 21,90
Pages: 384

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