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How to use the “Nordic Ware ®” molds

Hello everyone. I hope you had a great time on Halloween. We have not prepared anything special this year, the truth is that we have enjoyed the holiday in our own way, walking with Willy.

Today I prepared a cake in this mold. Maybe this mold is not adequate, because what I have cooked is a normal cake, but I was dying to try it. As I am not going to turn the cake as I should, the drawing offered by this one will not be appreciatedbundt Original Anniversary of the firm Nordic Ware, but even without turning it around, you will see that those marked corners will make a fun image. I promise to make a bundt on it… and I will teach it sooner rather than later because I already have the recipe chosen and it will be a recipe from the book of Bea Roque from "Bea's Corner" : D

This mold is the second that I show you from this American firm, They are molds made of aluminum. The release is spectacular as I told you, and Javi is always surprised by the special design he has, perhaps because of that and because I always talk about them when I see them, he gave it to me :) It's a sun. So we will release it and we will make a recipe later to realize its full potential.


Here you have the image of the mold in front and behind. Many times you ask if a mold with so many recesses can unmold well. Although it seems a lie, they are the best molds of the many that I have. It is to turn and ploff, sponge cake outside, but you always have to follow a few times so that the demoulding is perfect. It is recommended that the cake is not too hot or that it is wet due to rest. So you don't get involved, dcast it out after 10 exact minutes.

If you are going to make a list of those gifts that you would like to have in front of the Magi, I would put this in indispensable. Although the Heritage It's also beautiful, huh!

I know, I put your teeth long ... but I am lucky to have a lot of cool little things for the kitchen. I love them, and my friends and family, they already know what to give me, although most things, I confess that I give them to me because I am a very good girl: D

How to use Nordic Ware® molds?

  1. The first time and the next,wash with hot water and soap. Do not use soaps or abrasive scourers. Use a sponge.
  2. To use it you will needButter the mold with the help of a brush or with a paper towel, smears the inside of the mold through all its recesses. If you have release spray you will see that it is very comfortable for these things: D
  3. Pour the mixture at most until 3/4 capacity. Once the dough is inside,hit it to settle the dough and that bubbles do not form, smooth the dough on top with the help of a spoon.
  4. Bundt molds mustgo to the oven on the rack and not on the tray. In this way the heat passes through the conical central part and the cake is baked equally. If you did not do so, the cake may not be cooked properly.
  5. It is very important that once the baking bundle is finished, remove your mold to a rack,wait for 10 exact minutes to cool a little and unmold the cake. If you do it before that time or after, it is very likely that your cake ends up broken.

The price round 35 euros, but they are worth what they cost. If you already have it, just enjoy it.