The musketeers of the saucepans

We are DartaCaz. The new musketeers of the buckets and ladles of the planet. We like to cook and together we defend the stove ... and chocolate, of course.

Phew, you'll think we've all gone completely crazy but the truth is that I love to see your faces and see that we all know how to enjoy and laugh at ourselves without complex. You are so great ... I love that you are part of VC and of group 'Cooking with Thermomix. Ah! and I love to see your answer when the light comes on and we think some charade like today.

I cannot express well what it means to me to see so many photos, so many smiles, so much delivery ... Nobody asks for anything, nobody expects anything. Here only this collective desire to have a good time is worth. No shame, no demands. All at once, like the musketeers ... (and at the blow of Turbo, because you have to see how fast you are with the camera): D

Actually, I didn't know if this occurrence was going to have an answer. But you never fail. A few minutes later, messages and more messages began to enter ... and another one ... and another ... ... and thus a laugh and another ... and another one ... You have all contributed your grain of sand and that's why I wanted to dedicate these lines to those of you who are always there. I can only say that you are fantastic. Thank you!


(And now to enjoy the photos, which are all great ...)

Thank you all for being the way you are. Wonderful.

Video: Cooking With The GT Xpress 101 (April 2020).