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Chocolate and coffee cheesecake, without oven

Mother's day is coming" and the bridge in Madrid. Mandatory to make a dessert for that day. I am thinking that maybe if I have time, in addition to this chocolate cheesecake - which I do not think I get to the weekend -, I prepare something that I really want:“Chinois stuffed with custard”that looks great and that we also have step by step, here, so that nobody gets lost in the elaboration. It is very easy.

This chocolate cheesecake, bring coffee, but if you don't like it, you can remove it without any problem. These recipes are easily changeable, so give it the touch you like best. I am going to leave it as it is and I will try it after eating - although in the demoulding as I pass the knife around the mold I always flock something and it is very good - and if it gives me time, tomorrow I will try to change the Chinois to fill it with something different - these days I have many 24-hour guards so I don't promise anything I know:) -.

Enjoy it. Congratulations to all the mothers in the world. Muaccccc

Chocolate and coffee cheesecake
5 min
180 min
Total time:
3 h 5 min
Chocolate cheesecake recipe, made with cheese spread, condensed milk, soluble coffee ... basic ingredients and easy to find. With Thermomix®.
Author: Rosa Ardá
Type of recipe: Desserts, Pastry, Cakes
Spanish Cuisine
Servings: 10
  • 8-9 sheets of neutral jelly (about 15 gr of gelatin)
  • A bowl with water to hydrate the jelly
  • 200 gr of Oreo® chocolate cookies
  • 100 gr of butter at room temperature
  • 200 gr of whipping cream
  • 15 gr of soluble coffee
  • 200 gr of chocolate for desserts cut into pieces
  • 500 gr spread cheese
  • 370 gr of condensed milk
  • Kitchen tools:
  • Detachable mold 24 to 27cm in diameter
  • To decorate:
  • Chocolate chips or grated chocolate with a potato peeler
Steps to follow
  1. Put the Jelly leaves in a bowl, covered with water So they hydrate. Reservation.
  2. Place in the clean and dry glass, the Oreo® cookies with their inner creampie and everything and chop 4 seconds in speed 9. Add the butter at room temperature (do not melt it in the microwave or it will be a complicated paste to stretch) and mix 10 seconds in speed 6. Use these cookies to make the base of your cake stretching the mixture equally and cools in the fridge or freezer until further notice: D.
  3. In the clean and dry glass put the cream together with the soluble coffee and heat 4 minutes, 90 ° C, speed 2.
  4. Incorporate the jelly drained and mixed 30 seconds in speed 2. Check that it has completely dissolved and add the chocolate split into small pieces Mix slowly with the spatula, and when you see that it is melted, beat 30 seconds in speed 5.
  5. Add the cheese spread and condensed milk and mix 20 seconds in speed 5. Pour the mixture on the cookie base already cold and let it set in the fridge for at least about 3 hours. If you do it overnight, even better. Remove from the refrigerator at least 30 minutes before serving and decorate to taste with chocolate chips or chocolate in flakes on top.
Happy bridge and mother's day.

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