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Lucky grapes on skewers

I've already gone for my grapes. In the greengrocer this year they had grapes with pips and grapes without pips, so this time I am going to try the ones without seeing that ... I am almost always able to finish them all, but if they do not have pips some work is facilitated. What I won't do is buy the ones that come in a can that I personally don't like.

Don't tell me it's not an attractive presentation ... I love. I am already with the skewers because I will take them one more year at work, so I will put them pretty and wrap in film to transport them tomorrow in story I woke up with everything to spend 24 hours at work ... We always forget the grapes On guard days, we think of bread, sausages, soft drinks ... but the grapes are a disaster, so I'm going to surprise my compis with everything perfect and distributed,lucky grapes on skewers.

So you can see some ideas for skewers, I have made some photos that I leave below. Be happy, enjoy yourself and try not to choke.


Happy exit and entry of the year ...

In this photo you can see the banderillas that I used on the top ... you are with cupcakes and came with the capsules to make the muffins to match ... as I am going to use them here, then I will make my muffins without an adornment up and go: D

You can print Christmas drawings and make the children of the house stick them to a stick ... then they stick in the grapes above and you don't see anything of the skewer ... if you are very perfectionist, you can stick your label or drawing directly to the skewer .

So that the bottom of the skewers is not visible, I have "closed" that part by placing a grape as I show you in the photo ... it is a matter of being more beautiful, so although you can do it to your liking and leave the tip in sight, I liked to finish it in mono , so it seems that everything is measured and perfect. : D

Lucky grapes on skewers
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Total time:
9 min
Today we wanted to leave you an idea to present the grapes of the end of the year luck in beautiful skewers. Easy and colorful.
Author: Rosa Ardá
Recipe Type: Desserts
Spanish Cuisine
Servings: 6
  • How many are you?
  • 12 grapes per person
  • So many 25 cm long skewers as people who are going to take the grapes
  • Banderillas, bows, Christmas decorations of paper or cupcake to put on top.
Steps to follow
  1. Put 12 grapes on each skewer with the grape across so it doesn't take up too much space on the skewer. The last grape that will be the first must occupy the tip of the skewer so that it does not click and is closed ...
  2. Decorate the top with Christmas themes, I've used some cupcake flags with reindeer ... and close the bottom with the grape As I explain in the photos. Happy entry and exit of the year.

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