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How Mortar, Morteruelo or Almirez is used

The Mortar This in a kitchen tool that is closely linked to my childhood and sure to that of many of you. I remember that in summer we were going to spend the day at Castiñeiras Lake, with the dishes, glasses, tablecloths and the marinated pork ribs - which my mother made in an old wooden mortar - the rest of the family also brought food, so it was easier to organize the picnic day, Aunt Ana He brought the tortillas, Grandma Maruja a pie - together, he had a great day and nothing was missing ...

My grandfather, a very familiar man and of whom I have many memories because he was the best grandfather in the world, had a special gift for children, he placed all the grandchildren around him and there, in the countryside, he did not tell invented stories about the scars of the civil war that marked his body. I remember perfectly the story of the wolf that had already told his children exactly the same, a wolf that once attacked him on the mountain and against whom he had to fight very hard, which marked his back and still bleeding, he drew strength and zas -zasss, my grandfather was stronger and braver and won ... or when going to the lake he told us to encourage poor Seat 127 to climb the slopes ... he said that if we did not ask for it, the poor car would not raise them, so all grandchildren in the car shouted in unison "run Juapiño, run", and the case was that the car was running, so the grandfather was right ... that car was smart ...

In those days and being the oldest granddaughter, it was to me that my grandfather left his legacy, a special sauce to take with the churrasco that was a family secret for a long time - or so he said -: D.


We both escaped to a place away from other family and friends, so they wouldn't see us. He even took herbs from the field to mislead and that nobody knew the secret and with some essential ingredients in his pocket, we took our mortar and we were going to crush garlic, parsley and many other things that I can not tell you to prepare a delicious sauce, a mixture secret

Now I have mine and I hope one day to have someone to teach to prepare a special sauce, which my dear grandfather taught me.

Every time we use it less, especially those that we have Thermomix because with the crushing everything, but still I love my French mortar.

  • The mortar used to be wooden and it was the one used in houses.The mortaruelo was used by the shepherds, It is very small and its mallet is two-sided, that is to say it has a double handle.The Almirez is usually bronze and it is of the three the one that sounded the best.
  • They are used for crush, crush, etc both at home and in apothecaries.
  • The materials with which they are manufactured are varied: wood, stone, ceramics, bronze, steel, porcelain, stoneware.... What material is yours?
  • its shape is concave and needs a mallet or pylon to do its job.

PD: My childhood memories would not be the same if it had not been for my grandparents. Many days I put a candle on the terrace, near the door to find the way and come to visit me ...