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Hello everyone:
Surely many of you already missed the "Wednesday kitchen", so here we are again with one of your kitchens ... of those that exist and that you enjoy every day.
This Valencian cuisine is very similar to mine. The furniture is laminated in high gloss. The Silestone countertop covers the work surface and the front of the wall, which makes it easier to clean and, together with white furniture, gives spaciousness and clarity.

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Your owner tells us more:

  • The handles are modern in aluminum, sincerely I love kitchens without handles, but being white and with two children it would have been a condemnation to have to clean it.
  • The countertop is Silestone in cloud aluminum (I like many colors in silestones but this was the one I liked the most from the beginning). I also decided to cover the entire front of the countertop to the height of the bell in Silestone, because it is very clean and you avoid cleaning the happy joints of the tiles.
  • The sink is made of fiber of the Poalgi brand of the same color as the countertop and embedded underneath - I love it - it is also very large.

  • All appliances are Teka brand (oven, microwave, hood and plate).
  • The table is made of Mobliberica brand glass. On that side I have a showcase with red hair - to give it a touch of color.

I still have to finalize details, some pictures ...
He invited you to a tea, although I think that should have come first.
Thank you

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