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We're here with the new season of OUR KITCHENS... that is important for us because we are going to see tried and enjoyed kitchens ...
The kitchen that we are going to “gossip” today is in Úbeda and we are lucky that its owner has told us everything, the good and the bad… so if after reading and seeing the photos you have any doubts, leave your comments Ask us to answer it.

This is what its owner has written to us:
Hello everyone:
My name is María and I live in Úbeda, I send you some pictures of my kitchen, in which I tried to capture the totality from different angles.
I recognize that I am privileged to have a large kitchen. Perhaps it is what allows you to live in a “small” city - I am from Madrid and almost all the kitchens that I have known in my closest environment have been rather small.
My mother barely used the oven because she used it to store things, pans, various pots, etc ... and it gave her a lot of laziness to have to be putting in and taking out things just to be able to cook in it: D.
Apart from the space, which obviously allows you to have more furniture to store things - and the more cabinets, the more junk ... - it also influences the distribution you make of the main elements. When I designed my kitchen, what I was very clear about was that since I had to start from scratch - I bought an old house from which I had to throw practically all the partitions - I didn't want to limit it under four walls. Therefore, on the ground floor of my house is the living room, the dining room and the kitchen forming a single space, separated only by certain furniture and those walls that I could not touch.

My main fear - especially since everyone thought - was that the fumes, smells, etc. of the kitchen were going to contaminate the rest ... but then I thought, I put a good fume extractor and it is solved, besides the kitchen has a window and a door that communicates directly to a patio, and whenever necessary I can ventilate ...


If I am sincere and with no intention of doing it to show off the kitchen, it is clear that I find almost everything


1.- Amplitude: You can move around the kitchen with total freedom. It allows me to have space to place tables and chairs, with which we make daily life in the kitchen. In turn the size allows me to have a large refrigerator and many storage furniture, etc.
2.- Distribution: Although in many decoration magazines they place the sink under the window, I decided to move it to a corner for two reasons:
a) First to put the silversmith on the sink which is a comfort.
b) Second to free the space under the window, since it is directly connected to the patio of the house where in summer we make life, thus passing food, dishes ... In turn, between the fridge, plate and sink, you can draw an equidistant triangle that provide comfort when cooking.

3.- Open Space: If we eat in the kitchen everything is at hand. If we eat in the patio, we pass things through the window or door that communicate directly with the patio. If we eat in the living room or have guests there are no doors or walls that prevent you from not only carrying and bringing things, but being able to be in the kitchen placing, or finishing cooking, or taking something out of the oven or whatever ... without losing a single Second conversation with your guests.
4.- Design: That as everything goes in tastes. I wanted something modern but at the same time it was "timeless." The truth is that the kitchen is more than 5 years old and is still “current”. Many times supermodern things go out of style in a few years. In addition, when the kitchen and the living room were connected, I wanted the furniture to be in the same line so that they did not overstress it - the furniture in the living room is made of wenge wood. The countertop did not know whether to put it in stone or silestone. In the end I opted for a granite, I did very well in the kitchen and it was much cheaper. The curtains and other decorative elements are youthful colors to give a more informal touch.


Obviously everything is improvable, but as I have already told you, I am quite satisfied with my kitchen and today I would not change anything. Well, I would put a pyrolytic oven on those who clean themselves, I wouldn't mind changing it, hehehehe ... but that has an easy solution.
A kiss to all and as always thanks for the blog.
María de Úbeda

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