30 minutes

Cream mussels

I'm here again after working the whole weekend. I already missed getting into the kitchen to prepare a new dish ... because cooking relaxes me a lot and I usually enjoy the result even more, so I encourage you to make new recipes without fear, try new textures, flavors ... are you ready? ...
Today we are going to make our Thermomix dance. : D
Out the stress, chic @ s !!!!!

1kg of mussels
200gr onion
150gr of carrot
50gr of olive oil
150gr of potato
250gr of mussels broth (you will have to cook them)
200gr of skim milk
5 light cheeses

1.- Deburr mussels. Once clean put them in a pan with water, salt and cook for 3-5 minutes. Reserve the liquid. Reserve the mussels meat and throw away the shells.
2.- Put the onion and carrot in the glass and chop during 2 seconds in speed 5. Lower the remains of the walls with the spatula.
3.- Add the oil and sauté during 5 minutes, 100º and speed 1.
4.- Add the broth resulting from the cooking of mussels (only 250gr) and potatoes, 20 minutes, 100º and speed 2 program.
5.- Put the milk and mussels (you can save 4 to decorate the dish later) and program 5 minutes, 100º, speed 5.
6.- Add the cheese and crush 30 seconds in progressive speed 5-10.


Note: to decorate you can use cream, chopped parsley, mussels, etc ... Serve hot

Source: Thermomix

Video: Mussels in Cream Sauce (April 2020).