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Chimichurri sauce for grilled meats

Although the summer is already running out, -and I am at the top with the guards-, I could not continue without barbecue and enjoy the grilled meats, so I have committed the madness of taking advantage of the “sales” and buying one. Today the premiere !!! We will see how this pork rib is left, which I already have adobadito to inaugurate the gas barbecue.

Of course, I've left sauces ready to use with the roasted churrasco. A sauce is what my grandfather always did when we went to Lake Castiñeiras and that is the top secret of the family (it is the boat on the left, the yellow one), that recipe I keep it, I'm sorry !!! : D

The other is the well-known Chimichurri Sauce, made of course with Thermomix !!!
Well, to enjoy the remainder of August.


Chimichurri sauce
1 teaspoon sweet paprika *
1 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon oregano
1/2 chilli pepper
3 garlic cloves
Black pepper to taste
1 bay leaf
30gr of vinegar
150gr of extra virgin olive oil

1.- Put all the ingredients in the glass except the oil and vinegar and program 20 seconds in speed 6.
2.- Add the oil and vinegar and mix 30 seconds in speed 5. Ready, go to a boat, keep in the fridge and shake before using.

Special diets *: Celiacs can make this sauce using a gluten-free paprika (The essence of Vera is suitable). Diabetics use sparingly. Suitable for vegetarians, lactose intolerant and egg allergic - always checking that the paprika you use does not carry any of the components to which you are allergic.

* All allergic and intolerant should always check the labeling of its ingredients since some brands may vary.

Video: How to make Chimichurri Sauce (April 2020).