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Valencia Horchata Milkshake with Chocolate

It seems incredible that it is so hot, but at least in Madrid we are living a pseudoprimavera when we have not yet had a drop of rain.

I know that the ideal is that it rains - for the good of all - but as for now it does not, we will take advantage to prepare the children of the house a delicious smoothie, rich to take in the snack and that they feed well.

Besides today's smoothie is without gluten, the horchata is made of chufas, water and sugar ... so if we do not add any ingredient that contains it, we will have a milkshake for almost all the kids ... if we have a party do not put the egg whites, especially for those who may have allergy. That way everyone can take it ...


And if what you want is a chocolate drink that reminds you of Cacaolat bottle, do not forget this recipe that is identical.

Valencia horchata milkshake with chocolate
Ingredients for 4 portions:
1 liter of horchata very cold purchased or Homemade with Thermomix
2 egg whites (optional *)
100gr cocoa powder
130gr of sugar or its equivalent in saccharin
1 tablespoon ground cinnamon (optional)

1.- Put all the ingredients in the glass and program 40 seconds in speed 7. Serve immediately.

Note:CHUFI horchata is suitable for gluten intolerant, allergic to milk proteins, lactose intolerant ... Horchata is composed of chufas, water and sugar.

* Those allergic to eggs and strict vegetarians should remove the whites from the shake.

Source: Vorwerk

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