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Norway “Stavanger”: Tango Restaurant

Tango bar It is one of the best known international restaurants in Stavanger (Norway). It opened its doors in 2003 and is very popular for its good food and for the lack of "menu", also won the prize of Gladmat festival or “Happy food” in 2005. Every day, Tango surprises its guests with a new menu, which of course varies depending on the season of the year and the seasonal product in the markets, which ensures quality and freshness. A different kitchen without a doubt, -I think that I like the surprise effect because I eat almost everything, well there are things that I don't eat, but they are not many, so I can say that I have no problem- :)

As I could read on the net, getting a table is not too easy, if you are going to be in Stavanger Soon, make your reservation. If you don't want to have dinner, you can have cheese, ham or some delicious cocktails in the Tango bar area.

Upon entering the restaurant, there is a small wardrobe -remember that we are in Norway, it is cold and it will be as warm as an onion:) -, from there we go to the living room that you see in the photograph, with capacity for 60 people, a beautiful dining room with the kitchen in sight and with a glass window from which the port is seen - at night it is a pass and for a romantic dinner it is totally idyllic.


Round tables, careful cutlery, tall glasses and a comfortable atmosphere ... are the prelude to a good meal and also with an informal but classy customer service. Perhaps worst of all, Norway is very expensive for Spaniards, so you will have to scratch your pocket, eye! that wines come out expensive !!! The price level of the restaurant is medium-high.

And since you're in Stavanger, don't miss the restaurant very close, the cathedral "Domkirken" and the precious ones white wooden houses which are located on both sides of the cobbled streets. Do not forget to visit the Sardine museum and try sardines with mustard, Mediterranean, in olive oil ... you will see that they are delicious, very soft and much smaller than ours.

  • International food restaurant and pub: Tango (specializing in seasonal and sea products)
  • DirectionNedre Strandgate 25, 4005, Stavanger, (Monday through Friday from 5:00 p.m. to 1:30 a.m., Saturday from 12 a.m. to 1:30 a.m. and Sunday closed)
  • Web//
  • Phone: 51501230
  • We recommend: Of course try some Norwegian salmon dish, absolutely recommended. You know there is no letter ...
  • Price: Menu from 75 euros without wine !. The wines are expensive, look at the prices in the letter. 2011

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